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 I am currently being selective with new clients and saving space for the queer community. If you are a new client who wants to book a haircut, please email me at

My work is focused on creating a hairstyle tailored to how you want to represent yourself. It is my intention that my chair is a safe space for you to be who you want to be, while allowing me to guide you by offering advice. I am a collaborator , I don't want to choose your hairstyle for you. I work best when we have a conversation about your lifestyle as well as looking through photos. 

My passion is working with short hair, whether it is androgynous, feminine or masculine... I find joy in the sculptural process and find it to be a true art.


My techniques range from dry to wet cutting, using shears, razor and clippers. I don't think one size fits all, and I will thoughtfully choose my methods based off of the goal for your hairstyle.

Right now I am most excited about cutting hair and therefore I am taking the backseat with color. 

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