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Short Haircut $70

This service is for maintaining a current short hairstyle. This means your hair is currently ear length or shorter and you wish to have a maintenance haircut on a barber or pixie style. If you currently have longer hair and want a short haircut , please book a Transformation cut.

Long Haircut $120
This service is for clients with hair chin length or longer and wish to maintain their length.

Transformation Haircut $150

This service is for anyone wanting to do a big change. This could be a 'coming out' haircut , going short for the first time, or it may be taking the 4 inches off you do every year in the summer... Whether or not this is emotional for you,  I like to spend time looking through photos, asking about your hair routine at home to make sure I give you something you can maintain. I book out an hour and a half  to ensure we have time to give you the perfect haircut.


I am currently no longer accepting new color clients.
If you have had your color done by me in the past 6 months, you may book a color appointment with me. If it has been over 6 months since your last color appointment, I can refer you to another stylist. Thank you !

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